New York

New York, New York

He was in a hurry. His green bike he had since his teenage years cleared his way through the loud streets of New York City skillfully. From a few miles away you could hear an ambulance. It was a cold winter morning with an amazing clear blue sky.

He passed his favourite bakery where he normally stops every morning to get the best bagels in town. He looked at the people eating happily these delicacies and his stomach grumbled. It was the rush hour and the streets were incredibly congested and the air was full of the dirty fume of the cars, forming a kind of smog just a few feet above the ground.  A hectic business man passed him, talking angrily on his phone while he had to stop at the traffic light impatiently. A few seconds later he could finally continue. He drove faster and faster. He was sweating, but he will be late anyway. Behind him a little girl cried, he turned around. Then he heard a undefinable sound, his bike was shaking and suddenly he felt a resistance. The bike made an unexplainable sound as it hit something, The world started spinning and all sounds of the city mixed up. Adrenalin shot through his body. Because of this rush he smiled as he fell brutally on the two cars which had crashed right in front of him as he watched the little girl crying.


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