When you love someone it is like another world. It feels like a star collision in the universe. You feel that happiness, that light that is giving you extraordinary power, you have never felt before.

Everything looks so bright. Some people describe love like butterflies in their stomach. I think it is more like that feeling when you close your eyes really tight for a few seconds. These colours in that darkness. These colours mixing together and creating amazing pictures. But love is different for everybody. But no matter what sexuality, what gender and what nationality you have, love spreads happiness but also pain and problems. These feelings and emotions are exactly what differentiates us from other species. Love is what connects all human beings and makes us forget all our problems for a second. And this is absolutely amazing. Happy valentineโ€™s day everyoneย 


13 thoughts on “Love

  1. A beautiful message, truly. Love is unconditional, its my belief. Your words create an impeccable description of Love. Truly a wonderful write.

    I am sure many people read this but I think, they don’t want you to improve. I found some typos and mistakes, thought I should point them out to you. I hope you won’t mind.

    “…but love is different for for everybody…” there are two ‘for”.
    “…these feelings and emotions are exactly what “differentiates” (an ‘s’ here) us from other species…”
    “…these colours mixing together a(I am sure, you meant ‘and’ instead of ‘a’) creating amazing pictures…”
    “…these colours in that darkness…” This sentence sounds a bit awkward, it can be written in a better way. ๐Ÿ™‚
    “…love is what all human beings connect and we can forget the problems in our world for a second.” This sentence’s structure is wrong.
    You can use:
    Love is what connects all human beings and makes us forget all the problems for a second.

    Thanks for this lovely sharing. I absolutely Love it. Your writing is so powerful. One advice to you; never stop, no matter what and always try to improve. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ever grateful,
    The Weaver

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