Nights like this

She held her keys tight in her right hand. One key stood out between her fingers. Just in case. Her black leather high heels made a clattering sound on the grey dirty ground. The noise was reflected by the dark buildings around her. In one office the lights were still on. Probably just the cleaning personnel. She passed a pub and some roaring men called her. She only heard words like sexy. Cute girl. Come over here.

She tried to look not too obvious on the ground and walked faster. Half-drunk bottles laid on the floor together with some fuming cigarettes . A few feet away there was an indefinable small animal, trying to eat some rotten french fries. She hates that part of the city. She tried not to look at any faces passing her. She held her purse tight to her body, hearing her stuff moving around in there. She looked around anxiously. On the corner of the streets was a small kiosk which was still open. The neon sign above the shop flickered and made a whirring sound. The alcohol and snacks stood there in a white bright light behind disgusting glass. As she passed the kiosk, the guy in there, a feeble looking man from asia, sized her up. She tried to walk faster again and looked in the opposite direction where some garbage bins laid on the floor, fuming. Just one more street. As she crossed the street she could already see it. A little bit faster. She started to breath faster and hold her keys even tighter in her hands as she felt the pain of the cold metal cutting into her skin. Finally. She opened the door to the stairway, a dog barked somewhere. She ran up the stairs. First floor. Faster. She nearly stumbled. Second floor. She tried to open the door with her shaking skinny hands. Finally. The door cracked and opened. She stepped into her apartment, closed the door and dropped her bag onto the wooden floor. She slided down the door and cried.


10 thoughts on “Night

  1. Tense. So much subconscious fear. Or does she have a reason to be so fearful? Did something happen to her already to make her feel so vulnerable? Or did she just move there and as yet does not feel comfortable in the neighborhood? So much speculation. Perhaps we’ll get treated to a sequel…

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    • It is amazing that I actually made such a thoughtful and intelligent person like you speculate about my texts, thanks! Maybe maybe maybe there will be a sequel in the future to answer these questions but I do not promise anything šŸ™‚

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      • That was the point of your story though, wasn’t it? Beyond the sheer value of entertainment, to make readers, wonder, think, evaluate, speculate? As a writer, you’re the taxi driver, yes, but you don’t get to tell your passengers where they’re going: that’s their decision and choice. So, keep on driving and the streets of the Night will become more and more familiar, and your clientele will consequently grow. Hey, you may find yourself nominated for a “pullet surprise” some day, how about that?

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        • Yes of course it is my intention but many people just read it but you always share your thoughts, that is amazing! I am always looking forward to the future and I am excited what will happen with me and my blog! šŸ™‚

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