Imagine living in a good world. In a world, where people are happy and strong. Where people don’t hate, but supporting each other. It could be so easy. It could be so much fun to be alive. Not to be scared every second. It could be actually fun going outside. Not being scared that something will happen. It could be fun just going to school. Learning new things every day, meeting friends, gossiping about that new awkward teacher.On the way home we would complain about the homework and we would be excited for lunch. We would live an everyday life, without worries, without the fear we could die every second. Without the fear to step outside because there are people who are hunting us. Without the fear that we can loose our family every day. Without the fear that we will not be able to experience dawn.The world could be a place full of people who just want respect, happiness and adventures. A world where we can live all together, exploring our stunning planet. A place where we, the human beings, would not destroy ourselves for no acceptable reason. Imagine living in a good world.


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    • Everyone would have to work with everyone because we can only do it all together! But this is not gonna happen… There are just too many bad people out there who spread racism and violence. I wish it would be easy!


      • You may not want to “talk” to me after this, but let’s look at this from my perspective: 70 years, most of those spent observing those “bad people” and myself, seeing how many times they were undistinguishable-in the light of the deepest, honest truth, where no one could see but me. But I changed myself, and during the last 3 decades I started asking myself, am I so different from “them” that I can change, and they cannot, or will not? Then I saw a deeper evil within myself: hubris; believing that I was fundamentally better. I did deeper analysis of “my” condition and realized that I wasn’t any better, just different. To think that “different” is “better” makes me the same as all those who also think they’re better by being different by virtue of wealth, type of religion, gender, race, physical prowess, skills, upbringing, education – I don’t need to go on, do I? Backtracking a bit, wouldn’t it be nice if… but it won’t happen because… too many bad people. Wish, then shattering of dream by blaming others. If I may say so, that’s not how it works, nor how “your” world will be made better (and yet, there you are, just walking into your adult world, and don’t you want it to be better?). I do call down the Systems that people support and make them do evil, sure, but that’s just machines, even if they’re made up of people. No one’s in charge, it’s just a huge robot and you have all those people believing they need to keep the robot functioning, so they’re propping it up, programming in, putting in new parts, lubricating, helping it function. These people are essentially slaves of their beliefs. So, do you want the kind of world where you, and maybe your children, can walk through without fear? It’s up to you, no one else-you don’t NEED anyone else, in fact, you don’t WANT anyone else with you in this. It’s called self-empowerment through compassion. You decide on a life purpose that is compassionate in nature, and you commit yourself to it. You don’t attempt to cajole or force anyone else into this, either by talking or writing or joining with any power group. You take full responsibility for your own life. You hold this within yourself, sacred and secret. You have no expectations that it will change anything – only you will change. And if someone notices that you’re ‘different’ and asks questions, you just smile and say, well, it’s what I do. Then the fear goes away to haunt someone else – no have no longer any room for fear, or dread, or despair, or depression. Life isn’t perfect, but it becomes “holistic” and that’s how you change the world. Sorry, I know I’ve said similar things before, and it seems a contradiction that I’d say this when I say, you don’t try to “force” people into it – well, this isn’t force, this is the closest to a demonstration I can give you. If you lived nearby, I could show you how it actually works. You closed your comment with, “I wish it would be easy!” and don’t we all. Well it is NOT easy – just joyful (not to be confused with pleasant!). I like your sky; take care o’ you.

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        • With that one text you changed my view on this world and on myself completely. I can’t even say anything more. I am sitting here in front of my computer and can’t believe what I just read. These are such valuable thoughts that I can’t even handle these. It’s amazing that you share this with me, I am really thankful! I don’t think that I will ever forget these thoughts. Thanks for sharing and please, of course I will continue talking with you. I am not mad or something, more like blown away. Thank you for changing my mind concerning this topic


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