Some day we will be old. We will be old and we will tell our stories. The stories we are making in this exact moment.

One of these stories I will tell later is what I am doing right now, blogging.

My blog is so important for me and I am so happy that I had the courage to create it and go on this adventure.

I am saying this because today is friday, proseuntildawn is officially 1 month old!

This is incredible. Thank you so much for all your support, I am so excited what will happen to my blog in the future.

Let’s create stories together ♡


4 thoughts on “Stories

  1. Good point. Sadly, most people don’t know their life is a story, or that they have stories – they’d rather read, more like watch, other stories in the media – as they say of people who watch soap operas: People with no lives watching people with fake lives. Meanwhile, let’s tell our stories anyway. Maybe some of those will stand out, may even be inspiring and life changing for some.

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