“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

~ Peter Drucker.


2 thoughts on “QOTD °7

  1. I entered a “Like” on that quote… but… I don’t buy it. Perhaps it was taken out of context somewhere, and there’s more surrounding the quote? Is it sound philosophy? Is it practical? Can anyone create “the” future? Let’s say I don’t like the way a certain country is embroiling the world in war which will mean a terrible future for billions of people, can I create an alternative; stop that country from going to war; change the way people think, and vote? Hmmmm… In fact, I can’t even create my own future. Let’s say I make plans to go kayaking tomorrow, and there’s an earthquake that devastates my neighbourhood during the night – how can that be, since I “created” a different future for myself? How can that earthquake happen and cancel my creation? Well, because that’s the way it works here, and we can but roll with the punches!
    Personally, the way I predict “the future” is by reading history and by analyzing current trends. Then I say to myself, “Expect the worst and you’ll never be disappointed.” In a way, I suppose, that’s a way of creating a sort of future, eh? 🙂 Some people years ago said to me that I was a terrible pessimist, but others said the opposite: the I was the ultimate optimist, and really, imagine how many times, while expecting the worst, I got the exact opposite? How many times I re-discovered the joy of living… when the worst didn’t happen – in fact, it’s never happened in 70 years and counting. Perhaps we can create a “noetic” future? (That’s a word I learned yesterday – it means of the mind, of the intellect or something like that – I’m not exactly certain, but it sure looks like a great word, so I’m using it!) Maybe we don’t try to create a physical/material reality future, we create, then live, in a mental construct where we can be in control. There, I’m stopping now! Take care o’ you, “Prose”

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    • Yes you are right, of course we can’t really create the future because there are always some factors that will influence us and our plans. These “factors” can be the nature, politics or other human beings. But I do believe in that our decisions are guiding us through life and we do have an influence on what will happen in the future. Humans can create or change more than we sometimes think.

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