Autumn Morning

The wood broke under the weight of her feet. She turned around. Was he still there? She couldn’t tell because of that dusk. She couldn’t lose time now. Suddenly there was a burning pain in her right foot. She couldn’t lose time now. With the pain she tried to walk again. Fast. Faster. She couldn’t lose time now. Now she was running. The dry wood and the old leaves made a creaking noise under her bare feet. A few crowes were startled by the noise and flew over the high treetops. She got goosebumps all over her body as a gentle breeze touched her pale skin under the ripped white dress. She tried to focus again so she wouldn’t step onto something harmful. She breathed heavily as she heard something. She turned anxiously and her hair dark as ebony wood fell on her bony shoulders. The shot hit her directly between her heavily breathing lungs. Drops of blood dripped on the in frost covered leaves on that beautiful autumn morning.


4 thoughts on “Autumn Morning

    • Thanks for reading first of all! I actually can’t really explain. I love to write this “dark and psycho” stuff. This one actually just came to my mind and I had an exact picture or scene in my head so I just had to write it down! 🙂

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