“An entire sea of water can’t sink in a ship unless it get’s inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you alow it to get inside you.”

This amazing text is not mine but I found it on the instagram page “teenquotesfeed”. As I read it I actually thought quite a lot about out world and the negativity so I think I had to share this post with you.

I think this comparism with the sea is a really good one and for me this text gives me hope and helps with anxious thoughts. All of you, and yes also you – the person who is reading this at the moment – are stronger then you might think. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to have good days and bad days. It’s okay to cry yourself to sleep or to mess something up. I just want you to think about the quote above and maybe it will make your day a little bit better and your self-confidence a little stronger.

If you want you can write down below your experience with anxiety or what do you think about this text.

Thanks for sharing, Teensquotesfeed!


4 thoughts on “Negativity

  1. Perhaps a lifetime of experience does make a difference, and I’ve had a lifetime of experience with “the negativity of the world” as it is put. If one is honest, one does see that the world as created by man is not a nice place. In fact wherever man goes, whatever was there before is left in a worst condition and often in a non-reversible worse condition after man’s passage through it. Man is a user, an abuser and a destroyer of nature. That’s a given, allowing for exceptions which are rarer with each passing decade. OK, so a young person becomes aware of global conditions. What should she do? The question implies anxiety: “I need to do something; to change things or my future is threatened.” Being young, that “future” seems awfully important and if it seems hopeless, the young life may, from anxiety, even commit suicide. The article says, “don’t let the world’s negativity sink your life.” But an older, hopefully wiser, person will counter that with, “it’s not the world’s negativity that sinks your life, but your approach to it. Itf makes you feel helpless, alone, powerless. And that’s the big lie. The more “alone” you are, the more powerful you are. Aloneness (not to be confused with loneliness) forces the seeker, the quester, the questioner, to find answers to problems within herself, not within existing organizations, or new organizations, or within collectives of family, friends, church, clubs or from experts in this or that field. Once the query is aimed at the self, there is no longer any room for anxiety because now you’re focused on a purpose; you give yourself to that purpose; it becomes your reason for being alive, and whether you live a year or a 100 years makes no difference: you’ve become self-empowered and you’ve beaten a System that insists you must be anxious about something. For someone with a purpose, there is nothing to be anxious about, ever. There is only life, and those infused with life know they are on an infinite journey.

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    • I can’t even explain how your thoughts always inspire me. Especially the last sentence is great!
      And yes as a young person I can definitely relate to what you said about anxiety and the fear of life.
      And I really really love what you wrote about aloneness and how it is different from loneliness. Finally there are people who can understand the difference! For me spending time on my own is the source of my power. Thanks for sharing as always!! xx


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