“Paper Thin”

My lovely best friend (greetings to B♡) showed my the song “Paper Thin” by Astrid S the other day. Since then I can’t stop listening to it and it is some kind of inspiration for me. This song is one of these songs that are your therapy, your escape.

The lyrics is just incredible, every sentence is so tense, I can’t even decide which line is my favourite. So I just had to share some parts of the song with you. And you should definitely check the song out as well! 🙂

“My heart feels like the sharpest razor blade
I really hope this won’t give me away
Cause I’ve been drowning here for days
Like a watercolor about to fade
Every inch of me is there to trace
No secrets left here on my page
Underneath my skin, I see a change
Blood races right up to my face

Bursting out, no, I can’t take it
You really wore me down
Read my mind just like I’m naked
There’s no hiding now
I’m paper thin, paper thin
Paper thin, paper thin

You make me feel like a piece of art
Hanging on your wall, just like my heart
Making shadows even in the dark
I’m see-through but I won’t fall apart”


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