Imagine living in a good world. A world without problems, without diseases. A place where you can live. A place where you can have a normal childhood – playing outside. Instead of watching others playing outside while you have to stay inside because otherwise you could have no oxygen anymore.A place where you can use your time. A place where you can have a normal conversation without everyone asking what do you have and how do you feel. A world without being allergic to this hospital smell because you had to smell it for the last 6 years. Imagine a world without worries, without tests harming your body and mind. Without these people in the white coats who are the reasons you don’t like the colour white anymore. A world where you don’t have to answer stupid questions over and over again. A world where you don’t have to see your mother crying every night while you can’t do anything more than holding her hands. A place where you don’t feel guilty as it would be your fault. Imagine a happy world without the pain of loss and illnesses. Imagine a world where your body is not slowly giving up your whole existence. Slowly and then all at once. Imagine this time wouldn’t be now and you could stay on this stunning planet.


3 thoughts on “Imagine°2

  1. If we can imagine such a perfect world can we create it? Is there, available to us, a resource now hidden that would give us the means to make that world, or if it already exists, to access it, to relocate there? I have “seen” the world you describe; I have participated in linking that world with this one in a very poignant vision – perhaps I need to post that vision on ~burning woman~ – I don’t know if you follow that blog but I’ll put it there. Then we’ll see what comes, eh?

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