Mirror, Mirror on the wall

I saw that girl on the other side. The girl I have known for my whole life. The girl that was so incredibly anxious. Her Eyes are too small, her face is not symmetrical enough, her lips are not full enough. Her skin is dull, with pimples, scars and other imperfections. But is she ugly? Or does society just taught her that. The first tear rolled down her face making her eyes red. A few more. A few more. Her face was just a wet surface. Her make-up was smudged. Destroy the things that destroy you. I looked one last time at the mirror as I smashed it and the girl disappeared. Blood covered glass fell in shards on the floor.


2 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. The very real danger of putting one’s trust in the physical. It’s sad that “society” puts so much into promoting physical beauty in women and muscular strength in men so that young people fall for it. How well I remember those days, and being one of the “lucky” ones, I remember the pride. And what did it get me? Nothing but failures in relationships until I overcame that false façade of physical good looks. I’m 70 years old now, active, healthy and aware of the world. No need to break mirrors – no real need for them at all…! We need to learn that we are first spirit, then mind, and temporarily flesh strapped to the bomb of time. If we insist on getting it backward we cannot evolve. Thank you for the reminder of how difficult it can be at the beginning of awareness, how hard it is to take the road less travelled and building a life that can last a lifetime instead of a few years of false glamour.

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