Your heart is beating faster and faster. You can’t control it anymore. Sometimes you even feel that pulling pain and you can’t do anything against it. You hands begin to shake. Then your legs follow. Not because you are freezing, not because you are sick, not because you are afraid. It’s because of that one thing you just can’t handle. Your whole body is shaking, your heart is freaking out. You are so angry that you could destroy anything that is next to you. You feel so strong and at the same time so weak and fragile. Why is my body freaking out? Then the tears come. Every cell in your body is shaking. Your blood is throbbing and you feel the heat crawling under your skin. This is what life calls anger.


6 thoughts on “Anger

  1. Quite an accurate description of the emotion of anger. With practice one can learn to avoid anger burn-out by not engaging or driving the emotion. As you point out, anger can be a very self-destructive force. There is no problem when it is understood to be just a test of one’s survival response system – as your wolf image demonstrates. It’s OK to work with anger – away from whatever sourced it though. I think of attacks of anger as a system check – it’s like those idiots in back yards or residential streets “tuning up” their motor bikes or their hotrods by revving them up. Anger is revving up the system, when all aspects of the body respond to some stimuli in the mind. Once you get the “all systems go” signal, just shut it down – you’re OK and things can go back to normal. Anger is NOT a normal condition! 🙂

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