He walked across the dim and damp room with loud and heavy steps to the table that stood in the right corner. His hands formed a fist and then, with a hasty movement, he suddenly threw all art supplies off the table. They dropped loudly on the floor, every single pencil, every brush. She startled. A moment of silence followed, the only thing you could hear was a broken pile somewhere, drops of water fell on the naked floor constantly. He slowly turned around to look at her. Then he screamed: “We are alone. The Ark is dying. We are alone!”. She closed her eyes for a second and then she decided to walk up to him, burying his face in her cold hands. “Look at me.” He finally looked at her. His long hair fell on his sweaty forehead. “We are not alone. You are not alone!”. He breathed heavily and stood there with a stoop, his body was weakened by the last rough days. Another moment of silence. So they stood there, holding each other, giving each other the last hope the had left. Then he took her arm, pulling her even closer than they have been before. One last look before their lips finally met. Slowly and then all at once.

This post is dedicated and inspired by my new favourite show called “the 100” and is about the scene in season 1 where Clarke and Finn kiss for the first time! 🙂

Any other fans and addicts here? 😀


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