Last Time

So they sat there. Quietly and dipped in the dark. Above them blusted a thunderstorm. Thunderbolt after Thunderbolt. The sea was rough, it crashed against the Cliffs every few seconds, creating a marvelous white shape out of salty sea spray in the air. But they were safe, hiding behind the glass which created a space to watch that miracle called nature. She lay in his arms and tried to breath regularly. He watched her carefully. 

She wanted to see this so he drove her here – hours and hours. She didn’t say anything to her family and neither to her husband. She hates pity as well as needing help. He was the only person She would every ask to do her a favor.

She suddenly began to cry. One last time she said happily. One last time. Then she glanced on last time over the rough sea as she slowly closed her eyes and stopped breathing in his arms.


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