Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The whole family reunited, sitting around a beautifully decorated table. Dark green fir branches, combined with deep red clove-scented candles and fine christmas lights are adorn the wooden dining table. Every single family member has its own seat,signalized with a hand-written name tag. Classic christmas songs are being played softly in the background while delightful chatting fills the room. Finally the scent of delicious christmas food crawl in their noses. Later that night everyone admires the perfectly shaped christmas tree that is decorated with little gingerbread men, sweet candy cones and shiny baubles. The children are singing christmas songs that they learned in kindergarden, while the parents are watching proudly. As a reward they are finally allowed to open their beautifully wrapped presents laying under the christmas tree. The children’s eyes are glowing as they unwrap all of their favourite toys. After a long and festive night the kids are going happily to bed as their parents enjoy a last cup of mulled wine on this cold and magical christmas day. As the song says, christmas really can be “The most wonderful time of the year” (It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Andy Williams).

No matter how or if at all you celebrate christmas: Beside all the magic and happiness of this wondernful time, lets not forget all the terror, harm and misery there is in this world. Especially 2016 was a tough year that hopefully showed us the harm and pain that people can inflict in our society. I really do hope that 2017 will be a year with more humanity in our world. Let’s all make the wish that at least these christmas days will stay calm and peaceful.

To conclude this blog post I sincerely wish you all happy holidays and a cheerful end of this year 2016!


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